Monthly Archive: April 2015

Chicago Oracle Users Group (COUG)

As of February 2014, I feel fortunate and honored to be put in charge of running the Chicago Oracle Users Group (COUG). I really feel like I’m doing our user community a great service by coordinating these periodic meetings to allow all of us to continue to get educated on the latest Oracle technologies as well as provide beneficial networking opportunities. Last year we were able to hold 5 meetings including one large meeting with Tom Kyte. This year we are off to a good start with a meeting in Feburary and another one coming up in May. If you…
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COLLABORATE15 – First Time Attendee

After years of working with Oracle technologies I finally made it to one of the big conferences.  Last week I attended Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas.  I was very excited to attend and there were so many presentations that I was interested in seeing that for some time slots I was quadruple booked! One of the last sessions I attended on my last day there was one titled ‘Nothing to BLOG About – Think Again’.  This was led by the well known Michael Abbey with a panel consisting of Ludovico Caldera, Michael Dinh, Bobby Curtis, and Michelle Malcher.  Blogging has…
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