Monthly Archive: May 2015

Chicago Oracle Users Group Meeting May 13th 2015 – Recap

We had another great user group meeting this past Wednesday! We had 2 excellent presentations. Our 1st presentation was by Oracle Principal Sales Consultant Omar Amad on Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle Cloud.  This also included a live demo of Oracle Ksplice and why not installing the latest security patches can leave us open to vulnerabilities. Our 2nd presentation was by Oracle Ace Director, Michelle Malcher, on Oracle Database 12c Security. She provided a very informative overview of security improvements in 12c which gives us yet another reason why we should be moving towards this version. Our meeting was…
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RMAN Duplicate Error with ASM and 4k Sector Size Disk

The Problem I recently ran into an issue when performing a RMAN duplicate on a server with a fresh installation of OEL 6.4 x86-64 using a brand new SAN (NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2).  The database version is Enterprise Edition The datafiles restored without an issue but when we got to those archived redo logs I hit an ORA-00600.  Specifically it was this error. At first I chalked it up as a fluke, so I tried the RMAN duplicate again.  Well the datafiles restored just fine but once again when I got to the archived redo logs I hit the ORA-00600…
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