Monthly Archive: June 2016

Chicago Oracle Users Group Meeting June 22nd 2016 – Recap

We had another great meeting on June 22nd. We had 3 excellent presenters with a mix of awesome topics! Our first presentation was by Brad Petrus, Vendita’s Vice President of License Management, who presented on Oracle Licensing. We had some technical difficulties with the projector which turned this into an impromptu Q&A. This was fantastic as we had all kinds of interesting questions about certain configurations which Brad fielded like a pro. Very informative! There should be more presentations and discussions on Oracle licensing. Perhaps this would help to clear some of the mystery surrounding licensing. Our next presentation was…
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Watch Those Inodes!

Recently we had an issue where we ran out of inodes on the /tmp mount point of one of our database servers. After investigating what was causing the issue we discovered a sub-directory called orbit-oracle with lots of 0 byte files with a prefix of linc-*. I deleted the files which freed up some of the free space for our inodes but more files were continuing to get generated. A quick search on MOS turned up a direct hit on the issue (Doc ID 2106496.1). The doc mentions making sure that the messagebus service is started. When I checked our problem…
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