Monthly Archive: August 2016

SQL Trace for Oracle MWA

Occasionally the need arises to enable SQL trace for Oracle Mobile Web Applications (MWA) for WMS or MSCA related E-Business Suite modules to track down the source of poor performing queries.  Enabling this is quite easy but may not be obvious when looking at the options in the configuration file.  This particular example is assuming E-Business Suite 12.1.3. Let’s take a look at the MWA configuration file (mwa.cfg) located in $INST_TOP/admin/install.  It’s interesting to note that the parameter that we modify to enable SQL Trace, mwa.LogLevel, doesn’t list the value we need for performing a SQL Trace.  It appears that the…
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E-Business 12.1.3 Displaying Clear Text Password

Recently I came across a post in one of the LinkedIn groups that someone shared about discovering the apps password being displayed in clear text in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 when compiling Oracle Forms either by the adpatch or adadmin utilities.  The person had an SR open with Oracle Support on the issue and they provided them with a patch to resolve it.  Thankfully he shared the patch number with everyone. It seems that this security flaw was fixed sometime back but through some other set of patches must of broken this functionality.  I decided to test in a sandbox…
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