Extending RAC Database Home Hangs

Recently I had to extend the RAC database home of an existing RAC cluster to two new servers using addnode.sh and it was hanging at 100%. The particular version of the Oracle database is running on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8.  I didn’t see anything in the log files but notice that the underlying java server process is consuming 100% of CPU when issuing top. I try restarting the addnode.sh step multiple times but I continue seeing the same behavior (even waiting more than 60 minutes with no progression). I start by increasing the Java heap size for the JRE used by the…
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Adding New SAN Disks to ASM for OCR Disk Group

Recently we had to migrate our ASM disks to a new SAN.  In this particular post we’ll take a look at the steps we went through for the diskgroup that is used by our Oracle RAC servers for the Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) and the voting files.  The environment is Oracle database on Oracle Linux 6.4.  This particular diskgroup (we’ll call it OCR) was originally created with 3 disks with normal redundancy.  We provisioned 3 new LUNS from our new SAN to replace the current OCR disks. Note: The original disks were named VOL1 – VOL3 while the new ones…
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