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me2My name is Alfredo Abate and I've been working as an Oracle DBA since 1999 starting with version 7.3.4 on OpenVMS. I've been working as an Oracle Applications DBA since 2006. I've been the President of the Chicago Oracle Users Group (COUG) since February 2014.

With this blog I will share tips and findings that will hopefully help others out there. Why "Hey Alfredo" you may ask? Well that's how some of my most interesting problems, findings and projects begin. The boss, a developer, a business user walks over to my desk and the conversation usually starts with a "Hey Alfredo..." then the fun begins.

DISCLAIMER: The usual disclaimers apply. The views expressed on this site are mine and mine alone. If you decide to use any portion of code, information, etc from any of my posts make sure that you don't blindly copy and paste it into your own environment without fully understanding what it does! Always make sure you test in a non-production environment first.

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  1. Wojciech WIlk

    I saw your presentation on NCOUAG training day. I liked it very much and would like to get a copy of it if possible.


    Wojciech WIlk


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