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OMS Configuration Failure – ORA-14440

On recent fresh installation of EM during the OMS configuration we received a message saying that the OMS Configuration has failed. Viewing the log file to gather more details we found that we were receiving an ORA-14440: inserted partition key does not map to any partition. Searching My Oracle Support found a direct hit with document 1663277.1, EM 12c: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control OMS Installation Fails At OMS Configuration Stage With Message ‘ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition’ Reported In CfmLogger*.log The fix was relatively simply and we followed the steps given in the document.   After we…
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Using DB Template for EM

Recently we performed a fresh installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) using Oracle Database Enterprise Edition as the management repository database.  We also installed Oracle Grid Infrastructure so that we could take advantage of ASM for the database datafiles. Oracle provides a great pre-configured database template to help for this particular setup when using EM and DB that can save a little bit of installation time and eliminate having to manually configure various database parameters, tablespaces, etc.  The first thing to do is to determine if you fall into the small, medium or large deployment of…
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