COLLABORATE15 – First Time Attendee

After years of working with Oracle technologies I finally made it to one of the big conferences.  Last week I attended Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas.  I was very excited to attend and there were so many presentations that I was interested in seeing that for some time slots I was quadruple booked!

One of the last sessions I attended on my last day there was one titled ‘Nothing to BLOG About – Think Again’.  This was led by the well known Michael Abbey with a panel consisting of Ludovico Caldera, Michael Dinh, Bobby Curtis, and Michelle Malcher.  Blogging has been something I’ve been thinking about for well over a year but was a little hesitant to get started.  After attending this session, having questions fielded by these folk,s and given some encouraging words, that following weekend I opened this blog.  Many thanks to these folks for taking the time to have this session and encouraging all in the room!


  1. ramesh

    Good start bud…i like 🙂

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