Chicago Oracle Users Group Meeting June 22nd 2017 – Recap

We had our second Chicago Oracle Users Group meeting of 2017 on June 22nd.  We were fortunate to get Willie Hardie, Vice President, Oracle Database Product Management and Oracle ACE Director, Jim Czuprynski.

What’s New in Oracle Database 12c Release 2

First, Willie presented an awesome talk on What’s New in Oracle Database 12c Release 2.  This included but was not limited to some cool new features in the areas of:

  • Enhancements on In-Memory
  • Online Tablespace encryption
  • PDB Hot Clone
  • Oracle Sharding
  • Big Data – Partitioned External Tables
  • Enhancements in Approximate Query Processing

You can learn about these features and many more in detail by looking at the 12cR2 New Features documentation.

Willie Hardie

Oracle 12cR2 Database In-Memory: Adventures with Swingbench TPC-DS

Next we had our second presentation with Oracle ACE Director, Jim Czuprynski, on Oracle 12cR2 Database In-Memory: Adventures with Swingbench TPC-DS.  Swingbench is a free load generating tool that was created by Dominic Giles and will allow you to stress test an Oracle database.

Recently Jim worked with Dominic to enhance the tool to have the ability to generate a simulated TPC-DS workload.  Jim went over this new TPC-DS workload features as well as a plethora of new 12cR2 DB In-Memory features that are available now.  A lot of really cool stuff!

Jim Czuprynski

Our meeting was sponsored by Oracle.  We met at a nice venue and had some great food for dinner.  Thank you Oracle!

Dinner time

For our raffle, we had two copies of Jim’s book, Oracle Database Upgrade, Migration & Transformation Tips & Techniques, compliments of Oracle Press.  Thank you!

Raffle Winner

The presentations are available for download on the COUG Web Site in our member’s section.

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up as a COUG member (free!).  This will allow you to not only receive our emails about future meetings but also download presentations.

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